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Sunday, 2 July 2017

Greeks versus Early Achaemenid Persians - ADLG Game

Greek Hoplites screened by skirmishers

Greek cavalry and light infantry

Persian cavalry, Sparabara, Immortals and Greek Hoplites

Sparabara, Immortals, Hoplites and more Persian cavalry

Persian Sparabara

It has been pretty quiet on the gaming front lately and apart from a quick, fun game of Travel Battle, I haven't played anything for months. On Sunday afternoon Craig and I had a 150 point, two corps game of L'Art de la Guerre (ADLG) with Greeks versus Early Persians. This was a cracking game where the advantage swung back and forth each turn. The Persian left flank was severely mauled by the Greeks while the Greek left flank suffered equally at the hands of the Persians. In the end a Greek Commander was killed and both armies became demoralised in the same turn, resulting in a bloody hard fought draw. Thanks to Craig for a fun game.

Immortals in the Persian centre

The armies advance

Persian cavalry roll up the flank of the Hoplites

A Greek Commander is killed

Both armies become demoralised in the same turn


  1. Beautiful armies, love the Sparabara...and a bloody game!

  2. Sharply painted troops especially the Persians. Good looking movement trays too!

    1. Thanks Jonathan, a draw is like a win with the Persians!

  3. What a fine looking game Cyrus!


    1. Thanks Christopher, we have a Syracusan vs Early Carthaginians game tomorrow night.

  4. Wow - all of the figures are lovely - and nicely based on movement trays too.