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Monday, 24 April 2017


Here are a few photos of some Galloglass that I've just finished painting. These figures are formerly Vendel, now Sgt Major Miniatures and will be used for Irish in my Yorkist War of the Roses army. I'll also use them for Lion Rampant as Men-at-Arms in Islemen and Irish retinues. I have just ordered some more Islemen from the superb Claymore Castings range from Vinnie to add to these and I'm painting more of the Sgt Major Miniatures figures - a unit of Irish Kerns. There is an interesting Osprey book on the Galloglass 1259-1600.


  1. They look a determined bunch, great work Cyrus.

  2. Nice figures, and good to see them in their natural habitat...

  3. Is this a new project for you? Good looking brushwork and I especially like your new scenic background. Very fitting!

    1. Thanks Jonathan, I've had the WotR figures for years but have only painted these and some Men-at-Arms so far.

  4. Very nice job, they look beautiful...and so motivated!