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Monday, 24 April 2017


Here are a few photos of some Galloglass that I've just finished painting. These figures are formerly Vendel, now Sgt Major Miniatures and will be used for Irish in my Yorkist War of the Roses army. I'll also use them for Lion Rampant as Men-at-Arms in Islemen and Irish retinues. I have just ordered some more Islemen from the superb Claymore Castings range from Vinnie to add to these and I'm painting more of the Sgt Major Miniatures figures - a unit of Irish Kerns. There is an interesting Osprey book on the Galloglass 1259-1600.

Monday, 17 April 2017

Pikeman's Lament Game

Parliamentarian forces on the left, Royalists on the right

Royalist Gallopers

Parliamentarian Trotters, Cuirassiers and Dragoons

Royalist Gallopers charge the Parliamentarian Dragoons

Here are a few photos of a 15mm ECW Pikeman's Lament game we played before Easter down at the club. We played a game of this earlier in the year with Craig's lovely 15mm ECW Peter Pig figures but I forgot to take photos. Both sides had two 18 point commands and the scenario was a straight forward clash. It was quite a close, protracted and bloody game with Craig's Parliamentarians eventually emerging as victors.

Parliamentarian Trotters caracole effectively

Casualties mount on the Royalist infantry

Royalists fail their wavering tests and rout

Sunday, 9 April 2017

New Kingdom Egyptians versus Sea People - ADLG Game

View of the table with both armies deployed

View from the Egyptian lines

Sea People army

New Kingdom Egyptian army

Both armies advance

Last Sunday morning Gary and I met at the Vikings Club for a 100 point L'Art de la Guerre (ADLG) game between New Kingdom Egyptians and Sea People. It was a very easy victory for the Egyptians commanded by Gary. He was able to rout the Sea People chariots and then roll up the left flank of the Sea People horde with some casualties, but no loss of units. I spent 3 command points a turn to restrain my impetuous troops from uncontrolled charges and disorder, all to no avail! Craig arrived at lunch time with his 15mm ECW and in the afternoon we played a game of Pikeman's Lament. I'll put the photos of this game in a separate, later post.

Egyptian chariots and archers shoot 

Sea People chariots charge

Casualties mount

Sea People's left flank is rolled up

Egyptian commander exhorts his victorious troops

Saturday, 8 April 2017

More Sea People

Shosu Bedouin Nomad skirmishers

Teresh warriors left and Sheklesh/Shosu warriors right

Here are a few more Sea People that I've just finished painting. These will all see action in an ADLG game tomorrow morning down at the club. The figures are mainly Foundry, with a few Cutting Edge Miniatures and Northstar Miniatures from their Kadesh range. The Ox Cart and crew are by Newline and the donkeys are by Castaway.

Lukka warriors left and Pelset warriors right

Pelset Ox cart and donkeys