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Monday, 30 May 2016

Victrix Spanish Scutarii

Here are a few photos of a Spanish Scutarii unit I've finally finished. The figures are from the Victrix unarmoured Iberian warrior set. I painted two small eight figure units of Caetrati from the same 40 figure set a while ago. The trouble with taking close up shots, is you invariably see all of these minor blemishes in the painting, that you never actually notice on the table. Never mind I'm done with them! I've got various 15mm projects, the Gripping Beast plastic Late Romans and some of the new Victrix armoured Samnites on the painting table at the moment. The Late Romans will probably be up next.

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Celt Warbands and Balearic Slingers

Here are a few photos of some 15mm Celt Warbands and Balearic Slingers that I painted years ago and have just just rebased. The Celts are a mix of Essex, Mini Figs and Xyston with VVV transfers. The Balearics are Mini Figs and the Celt roundhouse and huts are by Hovels.

Saturday, 14 May 2016

Battle of Montmirail - Command and Colors Napoleonics

View of the table from the French side

Side view

View from the Russian side

Close up shot of the Russians in the centre

Russian right flank

 French right flank

Last Wednesday night Rick and I met at the Vikings Club for a game of Command and Colors Napoleonics with his lovely 6mm French and Russians. The scenario was the Battle of Montmirail fought on 11 February 1814. Rick commanded the Russians while I commanded the French. It was a closely fought game with Russians overwhelming the French left flank. In the end the French were able to sneak a close 6 to 4 victory, mainly in the centre, rather than rolling up the Russian left flank as it happened in the actual battle. Thanks to Rick for a fun game.

French cuirassiers force Russian cavalry to retreat

Action in the centre

French Young Guard attack Russian Horse Artillery

Russians overwhelm the French on their left flank

The battle is decided in the centre

French steal a close victory

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Sea People versus New Kingdom Egyptians

View of the table


Sea People

Egyptian leader exhorts the troops

Sea People advance

Last Tuesday night I went over to Rick's place and we played a game of Chariots Rampant, a bronze age variant of Lion Rampant. Here are a few photos of our game. I was the leader of the Sea People, Rick was the New Kingdom Egyptian leader and we both had 26 point forces and played the standard bloodbath scenario. The Sea People had an extra infantry unit and three crew chariots (although I forgot to tweak the stats for these). The Egyptian chariots were expert drivers which meant they could move half a move and shoot which was very handy indeed, well worth the additional two point cost. 

We rolled for leader skills - I was insipid offering no courage bonus, while Rick was commanding, offering a single re-roll each turn for his troops. The wheels fell off the Sea People attack early on and the Egyptians were able to use their superior firepower to good effect. In the end the Egyptians won fairly easily with a few casualties but all units intact, while the Sea People lost two chariot units, the leader, a Lukka warriors unit and another Pelset warrior unit was battered. Thanks to Rick for a fun game, the Sea People will return!

Sea People chariots move within charge range

Sea People chariots suffer casualties and retreat

It's all downhill for the Sea People

Pelset warriors and Egyptian spearmen fight

Sherden and Pelset warriors retreat

Sea People have lost three units by the end of the game

Monday, 2 May 2016

More Warlord Caesarian Romans

Here are a few photos of another unit of the Warlord Caesarian Romans, I've finally finished painting. These have been in the painting queue for quite a while so it is good to move them on. I really like these figures, this is the third box of these I have painted - they are easy to put together and fairly straightforward to paint. Shield transfers are LBM. Looking at some of the close up shots I've noticed I've missed a patch in the left eye of one of the front rankers, I'd better go and touch it up!