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Sunday, 31 May 2015

Gallic Cavalry

Here are a few photos of a unit of Gallic cavalry I've just finished painting. The figures are a mix of Foundry, Companion and A&A Miniatures with LBM and Warlord shield transfers. I'm painting a unit of Spanish cavalry at the moment, with the same mix of figures so they will be up next.

Monday, 25 May 2015

Victrix Carthaginian Veterans

Here are a few photos of a unit of the Victrix Carthaginian Veterans which I've just finished painting. These took a while to paint but I'm happy with the result. I have some Liby-Phoenician spearmen to do next but I might  take a break and do something else before starting on them.

Monday, 18 May 2015

Normans versus Anglo-Saxons

View of the table

Opposite end - Saxons on the left, Normans on the right

Saxon left flank

Action in the centre

Norman right flank

Normans and Saxons close in the centre

Last Sunday Bern, Gary, Craig and I met at the Vikings Club in Lanyon for the monthly Sunday meeting of the Capital Region Wargames Club. There was quite a good turnout with twenty two people playing various miniature games and rule sets from ancients through to WW 2. We played a Hail Caesar, Normans versus Saxons game, of 450 points with three divisions. Craig and I were the Norman commanders while Bern and Gary did the honours with the Saxons.

Here are a few photos of our game. The Saxons' shieldwall managed to hold out against the charges of the Norman Milites with the Huscarls in particular proving a tough nut to crack. In the end it was a hard fought draw, with a single broken division on both sides, but the Saxons held the advantage and the field. Thanks to Bern, Gary and Craig for another fun game.

Saxon left flank advances

Saxon centre and left flank form a line

View from the side

Action on the Norman right flank

Divisions on both sides are on the verge of breaking

Game ends in a draw but the Saxons hold the field

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Celtiberian Warband

Here are a few photos of a Celtiberian warband for my Carthaginian army. The figures are by Crusader Miniatures with LBM and VVV shield transfers. Most of them are from a big batch of painted second hand figures I bought last year. I painted six figures in the back rank to bring the unit up to strength. The only problem with them is whoever painted them didn't cut out the shield bosses on the LBM transfers and applied them without removing the clear plastic layer on the transfers! This is annoying but I'm too lazy to fix them up and you can hardly notice unless you look at them really closely.