Thursday, 25 August 2016

Camillan Romans versus Later Etruscans

View from the Roman lines

Etruscan left flank

Etruscan right flank

Cavalry and skirmishers close on the Roman right flank

Last Wednesday night down at the Vikings Club, Garry and I played a 100 point L'Art de la Guerre (ADLG) game with his lovely Etruscans versus my Camillan Romans. Here are a few photos of our game. It was a quiet night at the club, the miserable wet, winter weather no doubt contributed to this,  and only one other game, a Brother versus Brother, French Indian War game, was played.

It was Garry's first game of ADLG but the Romans were soon in trouble on both flanks with their cavalry units routed. The Etruscans with superior numbers were able to roll up the flanks. The Romans countered with Latin ally reserves and the Roman commander even managed to rally two units in one turn. However it was a familiar tale of too little, too late and once the Triarii routed, the Roman army became demoralised and it was curtains. Thanks to Garry for a fun game.

Etruscan cavalry gain support in combat

Romans line up a charge on the Etruscans

Main combat with Romans in trouble on both flanks

Etruscans repulse the attack and Romans are demoralised

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Indian Cavalry

Above are a few photos of an Indian cavalry unit I've just finished painting. The figures are by Old Glory. I may replace the shields at some stage with bell shaped shields from 1st Corps Miniatures. All my other 28mm cavalry are 1st Corps figures. Indian cavalry were low status troops but can still guard a flank! I have a 15mm Xyston Indian army as well, neither the 28mm or 15mm armies are anywhere near complete...

We have just got back from a holiday, bushwalking and camping in northern NSW, so I thought I'd include a few pics with this post.

Little Dandahra Creek, Gibraltar Range National Park

A dead gecko on the track

Dandahra Crags, Gibraltar Range National Park

A boulder below The Haystack, Washpool National Park

The Needles, Gibraltar Range National Park

A female Satin Bowerbird

Pandanus Palms, Woody Head

Fruit of the Pandanus

Angourie Walk, Yuraygir National Park

Petrified tree stumps, Plumbago Beach, Yuraygir

View south from Dirrigan Lookout, Yuraygir

A small snake warming itself in the winter sun

Ebor Falls

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Republican Romans versus Spanish - ADLG Game

Romans on the left, Spanish on the right

View from the opposite end

Armies advance

Spanish cavalry charge the Roman and Italian cavalry

Skirmishers exchange fire

Last Sunday afternoon Craig came over to my place and we played another 100 point ADLG game, this time between Republican Romans and Ancient Spanish. Here are a few photos of our game. This was quite a fun, close game, the Roman commander was killed in a melee and while the Spanish became demoralised the Romans weren't far from it themselves. The 100 point reduced format of the game is good for a quick game and painting new armies this size (14 units a side) is very achievable target in a short time.

Spanish light cavalry

Show a good turn of speed retreating

Roman cavalry charge the Celtiberian Scutarii in the flank

The infantry close

Spanish become demoralised and rout

Friday, 29 July 2016

Late Romans versus Goths - ADLG Game

Goths deployed

Late Romans deployed

Goth infantry surge forward

Both armies advance

Cavalry clash on the Goth left flank

Last Wednesday night Rick and I met down at the Vikings Club in Lanyon for a Late Romans vs Goths, 100 point L'Art de La Guerre(ADLG) game.  It was quite a reasonable turn out at the club for a mid week, mid winter, night. There were some fine looking games played - a 28mm Impetus game with Numidians vs Carthaginians, a naval Napoleonic game and a 28mm Ronin Samurai game as well.

Here are a few photos of our game. The Goths failed to distinguish themselves yet again and the game was over fairly quickly once the main infantry combat was resolved over a few turns. Most of the individual melees seemed to depend on how well you rolled your dice, with the addition of only a few factors and modifiers. We're still getting the hang  of the rules and not sure of how a few things work. Rereading of the rules is obviously required.

Cavalry clash on the Goth right flank

The infantry close in the centre

Late Roman infantry charge the Goths

Goth infantry's loss of cohesion mounts

Goths are demoralised and rout

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Late Romans versus Goths - Dux Bellorum Game

Late Romans and Goths deployed on the table

Late Roman Noble Riders, Mounted Companions and Cataphracts

Late Roman Shieldwall, Ballista and Horse Archers

Goth forces

Both sides advance

Last Sunday afternoon I went over to Craig's place for a Dux Bellorum game. Here are a few photos of our Late Romans versus Goths game. We had thirty two point armies, Craig's Late Romans consisted of eight units - a Mounted Companions and Leader unit, Noble Riders, nasty Cataphracts, a Noble Shieldwall unit, two Ordinary Shieldwall units, a large Ballista and some allied Hun horse archers (Mounted Skirmishers). My Goths consisted of nine units - Mounted Companions and Leader, two Noble Rider units, Mounted Skirmishers (allied Alan horse archers) and five Ordinary Warriors.

The cavalry quickly charged into contact and after some initial success for the Goths, it settled into a prolonged melee where command points on both sides were spent on saves to minimise any potential losses. Craig's large Ballista was pretty handy, shooting a distance of six base widths, and destroying a unit of my Goth warriors before they could get in to contact. Eventually my impetuous Goth warriors charged the Roman shieldwall units and quickly bounced. They repeated their efforts in the subsequent turn but the tide had turned for the Romans. Both Mounted Companions and Leaders were destroyed in this turn but the Goths had suffered fifty percent casualties and a surviving warrior unit failed a morale test. The remaining Goths routed.  Thanks to Craig for a fun game.

The cavalry charge into combat 

Goths enjoy some initial success

Impetuous Goth warriors charge the Roman shieldwall

Goth warriors are slaughtered