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Friday, 1 December 2017

French Line Infantry

Here are two battalions of 1812 to 1815 French Line Infantry. The figures are all Perry Miniatures, a mix of plastic and metal and most of them were painted by the Dragon Painting Service. The single officer figures are for Sharp Practice, which we played last Sunday, in our second game, a late Peninsular War game. The French won this and we are slowly getting the hang of the rules.

Friday, 17 November 2017

Peninsular War British - King's German Legion

Here are some photos of some Peninsular War British figures that I bought second hand and have just finished rebasing. They are all Front Rank figurers with GMB Flags, very nicely painted, certainly a much better standard than on my Napoleonic figures! They are the King's German Legion, the 1st or 2nd Light Infantry Battalion and the 5th and 8th Line Infantry Batttalions. I have noticed a couple of errors, in the minefield that is Napoleonic Uniforms, as the backpacks of the line infantry should be dark blue not black and the battalion numbers should be in Roman numerals. I should fix these later but at the moment I'm just looking forward to playing Sharp Practice with them once I sort out my French forces.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Battle of Cannae 216 BC - Command & Colors Ancients

Hasdrubal & Gallic cavalry

Spanish cavalry & Libyan spearmen

Spanish Scutarii 

Carthaginian centre

Gallic cavalry were the heroes of Game One

Varro dies early in Game One

The Roman right flank is slaughtered

Numidians skirmish

Roman centre advances

Here are photos of our Command and Colors Ancients Battle of Cannae games at Little Wars last Sunday. In Game One the Carthaginians under Dennis won fairly easily 7-3 victory banners. The Roman right flank was slaughtered by Gallic cavalry who proved to be the heroes for the Carthaginians. Game Two was a cracking game that went right down to the wire. Dennis and Glen did very well indeed with the Romans, at a disadvantage with a four card hand but assisted by two line command cards. In the end the final dice roll decided the game 7-6 but it could have so easily gone the other way. Thanks to Rick, Dennis, Glen and Gary for the fun games.

A rally card saves the Gallic cavalry's bacon

Hasdrubal and the Gallic cavalry line up another charge

Numidians on the Carthaginian right flank get stuck in

Romans counter attack the Spanish in the centre

It is too little too late - Carthaginians win Game One 7-3

Romans play a line command card Game Two

Game Two goes down the wire to the final dice roll 7-6

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Little Wars Canberra 2017

Scott Driscoll's superb La Haye Sainte Sharp Practice game

British Forces

French Forces

Fistful of TOWs - Strife in Zumbanda

Shattered Lances at Knechtsberg

Bolt Action - U-Boat Railway Station Board

The U-Boat!

54mm Anerican Civil War

Here are photos of some of the games held at Little Wars Canberra, last Sunday. Apologies to anyone I missed! I got a bit carried away taking pics, so will do a separate post on our two games of the Battle of Cannae with Command & Colors Ancients. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. There were thirteen participation games, traders and people just catching up chatting and having a look around. Many thanks to Ian, Greg and Leigh who organised everything!

54mm Anerican Civil War

54mm Anerican Civil War

Simultaneous Battlefront - Wake Island 23 Dec 1941

Simultaneous Battlefront - Wake Island 23 Dec 1941

Blood and Plunder crew - shiver me timbers!

Blood and Plunder - Pirates near the Caribbean

Blood and Plunder - Pirates near the Caribbean

Slave to Gaming Display

Lion Rampant - Battles of the Normans

Command & Colors Ancients - Battle of Cannae, Roman army deployed

Command & Colors Ancients - Battle of Cannae, Carthaginian army deployed